GLMA Condemns Disappointing Ruling in Missouri as Court Denies Injunction to Halt Implementation of MO S.B. 49

GLMA is deeply saddened by the recent ruling by the Missouri court, which denied the requested preliminary injunction to halt the implementation of MO Senate Bill 49.

The lawsuit, known as Noe v. Parson, was brought forward on behalf of three transgender individuals and involved Southampton Community Healthcare, two of its medical providers, as well as GLMA and PFLAG National. These two organizations collectively represent numerous families and healthcare professionals throughout the state. Our legal representation in this endeavor was provided by Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, and the ACLU.

The preliminary injunction against Senate Bill 49, which revokes access to gender-affirming healthcare for some minors and adults, was denied, which means that the discriminatory law will go into effect as scheduled on Monday, August 28. 

GLMA Executive Director Alex Sheldon, MA, has issued the following statement:

"This ruling is truly disheartening, not just for transgender people in Missouri, but also for the principles of truth and science, and the overall healthcare system of the state. Our hearts are with the trans young people and their families today, but know that this only strengthens our resolve to fight for the rights of all Americans to access the quality health care they need and deserve.”

GLMA President Nick Grant, PhD, ABPP, has issued the following statement:

"The court's decision to sanction the implementation of MO Senate Bill 49 is profoundly disheartening. This move poses a considerable hurdle for healthcare providers committed to delivering comprehensive and inclusive services. This, however, only fuels our determination to continue advocating for the rights of transgender individuals, and for equal access to quality healthcare for everyone.”

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GLMA stands in solidarity with the transgender community and all health professionals in Missouri and across the nation. We will continue to fight against any legislation that devalues their rights and dignity.