GLMA Joins Lambda Legal, the ACLU, and the ACLU of Missouri in Taking Legal Action Against the State of Missouri to Block Harmful Health Care Ban Targeting Trans Youth

Today, GLMA took a united stance with PFLAG National, alongside individual families and health providers in a joint lawsuit against the State of Missouri. The aim is to block the implementation of Senate Bill 49, scheduled to take effect on August 28. Represented by Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, and the ACLU, we are proud to challenge this detrimental, inhumane, and unconstitutional law on behalf of our member medical providers.

This law would ban necessary and life-saving medical care for Missouri’s transgender youth and require the state to revoke the medical licenses of providers offering evidence-based care to their transgender patients.

GLMA Executive Director Alex Sheldon, MA, has issued the following statement:

"Health professionals play a crucial role in promoting healthier communities in Missouri and beyond. S.B. 49 blatantly undermines the extensive expertise and life-saving work of health professionals by placing unnecessary constraints on their ability to provide essential care for transgender patients. By suing the State of Missouri, GLMA is advocating for the rights of our health professional members to provide care without facing discriminatory restrictions." 

GLMA President Nick Grant, PhD, ABPP, has issued the following statement:

"Our lawsuit against the State of Missouri represents our unwavering support for our health professional members, protecting their right to serve all patients with dignity and respect. As the leading association of LGBTQ+ and allied health professionals, GLMA is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of healthcare providers to deliver gender-affirming care, and we stand firmly against S.B. 49 and all such policies that hinder their ability to do so."

Read more from our partners here.

GLMA's unwavering dedication lies in protecting the rights and well-being of targeted families and transgender youth, not only in Missouri but also across the nation.