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Lesbian Health Fund Publications 2000

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"The National Lesbian Family Study: 3. Interviews With Mothers of Five-Year-Olds"
  Periodical: American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
Authors: Gartrell N., Banks.,  Reed N., Hamilton J., Rodas C., Deck A.
Yr: 2000 Vol: 70 Nbr: 4 Pgs: 542-548
Associated Grant: The National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study Time 2: Interviews with Mothers of Toddlers
"Use of Preventive Health Behaviors By Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Women: Questionnaire Survey"
  Periodical: Western Journal of Medicine
Author: Koh A.S.
Yr: 2001 Vol: 172 Nbr: 6 Pgs: 379-84
Associated Grant: Promoting Lesbian Health:  Measuring Preventative Health Behaviors and Improving Health Care Access
"Cultural Variation in Lesbian Bereavement Experiences in Ohio"
  Periodical: Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Author: Deevey S.
Yr: 2000 Vol: 4 Nbr: 1 Pgs: 9-17
Associated Grant: Bereavement Experiences in Lesbian Kinship Networks in Ohio
"Comparing Lesbians and Heterosexual Women’s Mental Health: Results from a Multi-Site Women’s Health Survey"
  Periodical: Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services
Authors: Hughes, T.L., Haas, A.P., Razzano, L., Cassidy, R., & Matthews, A.
Yr: 2000 Vol: 11 Nbr: 1 Pgs: 57-76
Associated Grant: Building a National Lesbian Health Database: The Multi-site Women’s Health Study


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