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Contact Your Senator Today and Let Them Know
#PriceIsWrong for HHS

As early as late tonight, the Senate will vote on Rep. Tom Price to serve as the next US Secretary of Health & Human Services. Your Senators need to hear your voice NOW. GLMA members need to call Senators and tell them that Rep. Price should not be confirmed.

#PriceIsWrong for HHS because:

  • He has promised to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, risking healthcare coverage and access for nearly 20 million people
  • He will endanger Medicare and Medicaid, programs that provide critical health services to the poor, elderly, and people with disabilities
  • He is a threat to the health and well-being of women and LGBT individuals and their families
  • He has not fully addressed ethical concerns regarding his stock purchases and voting record

Please call your Senator today

  • Call 877-240-0271 to be connected to the Capitol Switchboard where you will be directed to your first Senator's office. Be sure to call back to reach your second Senator as well!
  • You can also find your Senator's direct contact information here.

Here is a sample script to use when calling:

As a healthcare provider [or health professional] and a constituent, I’m calling to ask you to oppose the nomination of Tom Price as HHS Secretary. Rep. Price’s record on LGBT equality, women’s issues and reproductive choice, and his promises to dismantle the ACA and Medicaid demonstrate his inability to ensure HHS will serve the health needs and concerns of everyone in this country. Please oppose his nomination as HHS Secretary.

Thank you for taking action to ensure HHS serves the health and well-being of everyone in this country, including LGBT people!

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