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GLMA’s 2020 Sharpened Focus:
 Listening Session


Throughout 2019, GLMA’s dedicated board members and leaders engaged in serious reflection and discussion about what GLMA does well and how we can be most effective in our work. We consulted with valued external stakeholders and incorporated the feedback you shared with us in the GLMA Community Survey earlier this year. 

What became clear are GLMA’s core strengths:
·  the expertise of you, our health professional members;
·  our multidisciplinary membership and ability to bring leaders from diverse disciplines together united in support of LGBTQ health equity;
·  GLMA’s policy, advocacy and educational efforts that come from a multidisciplinary perspective.

All of these factors make GLMA a truly unique organization with a distinct perspective on how to most effectively promote the health and well-being of our community.

GLMA should focus on its role as a convener of LGBTQ health professionals and our allies and provide our members and supporters opportunities and tools for professional education, leadership development, and advocacy to end health disparities for LGBTQ people.

Through these efforts, GLMA will harness the power and the expertise of health professionals of all disciplines and their associations—including, of course, GLMA and all of you—to advance policy and education to ensure LGBTQ people receive the healthcare we need and deserve.

We held a listening session on Wednesday, January 22 where we shared more information about GLMA’s sharpened focus and addressed questions.  Please click here to view the listening session

Now more than ever, GLMA’s voice is needed to ensure health equity for LGBTQ people. With our 2020 Sharpened Focus, we expect GLMA will have an even more powerful impact on policy and education efforts that improve the lives of LGBTQ individuals across this country. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or comments:

Scott Nass, GLMA President: scottenass@gmail.com
Mia McDonald, GLMA VP Membership & Development: miaadairmcdonald@gmail.com
Hector Vargas, GLMA Executive Director: hvargas@glma.org


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